STYLE Loves: The Camps Bay Backpack

by gimmegoodstyle


I am asking you a question right now; if you give 429 bucks to a photographer with gigantic camera and 7 additional lens to bring with them, when they are shooting and a 17 inch laptop to edit their photos, what will they buy with the money? Yep, probably a new and bigger camera bag. I will do the same too, even though I don’t have DSLR yet or 7 additional lens and my laptop is no more than 11 inch MacBook Air (super light and I don’t even use the bag when I carry it to school) (which is very reckless and stylish at the same time). The reason why I want to waste such a money is because the bag is from ONA BAGS and it is super cool, simple, and masculine. I know, I usually into any sides both masculine and unisex (and a bit feminine, when I have to), but this bag really gets me and I am totally craving for it.

The material looks like denim (or leather?), which guarantee super toughness and denim is hardly break, except you break it yourself purposely. And it’s a backpack! Hmm, it has been a really long time since the last time I used a backpack except for traveling. There are two choices of color: grey and something khaki or brownish. But I really prefer the grey one because only God knows when I want to wash my bag and it probably takes more than a year for me to realize how dirty my bags are and begin to feel bad about myself and finally, finally! Wash them all at the same time and begin the entire cycle again (I know, very not fashion-blogger!). So, it’s better for me to use… eh, dirt-camouflage bags. And grey goes with almost everything, right?

The bag itself comes with removable dividers, which means you can change it from camera bag to travel bag with just a snap! The price is a bit expensive for my wallet and given the fact that I don’t have any DSLR yet (I am saving my money right now), maybe I will wait a bit longer. But I really really want it! Ah, and I know you want this masculine (yet very unisex, I am telling you) camera bag soo bad.

What are you waiting for?

Taken from Ona Bags