Geek of the Day: Dimitriy Reinshtein

by gimmegoodstyle

insects and water hat

Macro shoots always a fun thing to do for me. I like capturing something that isn’t really moving whenever I shoot macro like flowers or maybe paint brushes. Maybe because it’s so easy to mess the whole photo with just one slight movement or shake or the winds are just fucking (ups!) with my camera, etc. And to capture moving, unsteady things in macro, you need a really good skills which I don’t really have by the way. That’s one of the reasons why I like Dimitriy Reinshtein works about insects and their hats. Yeah, hats. Actually it’s not micro hats line designed specially for insects. Nope, it would be silly not creative (fine, maybe creative and silly).

It’s just simple water drops which dangle on top of the insects heads and look like hats. But I am sure it’s still a hard thing to do. Imagine dropping water patiently on an insect and have to rush to your camera to get a good shot and repeat the same process again and again until you get a good photo. But just like what Dimitriy just said as long as you get the passion, the difficulties are nothing. Good words dude!

One thing I really appreciate from this photo is the editorial alike shots. The insects are the perfect models and they’re really rock the set with new released water-hat collection. This is not a really big deal because Dimitriy also spends a lot of time in fashion photography and he started this whole insect photography is because he wanted to look for something special. Well, well, I guess he just found what kind of special he is.

Taken from Fast Co Design