Revolution 101

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-05-09 16:42:53 +00001

New season means new revolution. And my new revolution is to start making outfit collages again. It won’t be the same though because right now I am diligent enough to give names and labels for all those items (okay, maybe not all, but I am quite sure almost all of them). Okay, let’s start! I am so excited, by the way, it had been a long time since the last time I make this kind of post (collage picture or outfit post whatever you call it).

Helmut Lang Sheer Paneled Knit. I have never really discussed about Helmut before because I always think it’s a grown-up woman brand. Not the kind of teenagers and young adult like to wear (we are still the Topshop and Forever 21 generation), but fashion is a strange climate and once a cool item will be forever a cool item (for me, at least) (and Nicki Minaj’s neon signature is NOT cool. Same case with Gaga’s meat dress). I suddenly attracted to this simple yet cool sweater and I definitely have to have it in my collage. So, forget about all the ‘grown-up’ things and go shop for this cool knit sweater at Helmut Lang!

Ah, and to make the sweater becomes a bit funner (eh, younger too), I put classic insect brooch (unbranded). You can also use necklaces or chocker, but I am a bit obsessed with brooch and I always think that it is the easiest accessorie you can get around here. Maybe it can be my signature style!

Mary Katrantzou Printed Leather Skirt. One word: amazing. I love this skirt and even though people say that printed clothes aren’t go well with anything. Well, I totally disagree! In fact, print goes with almost all basic items and make you look from so ‘dull’ to cool and chic in a mere second. If you do it right. Anyway, I just love the color and the shape, that’s why I put it in here. Guilty!

Bag by Prada. No need for explanation. A true meaning of fabulous and chic. Heel by Balmain. Fine, white heels are everywhere this season and I am totally sold.

What do you think? Yay or Nay? Hot or Not? Tell me!