Bottega Veneta Resort 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


It’s amazing how fast season changes and before you even recognize it, bam bam bam! The newest collection for Fall is available then Resort then Spring then Pre-Fall then Fall again and then there are collaborations and capsule collections and only God-knows-what. All of this system is so confusing and overwhelming for newbies or people with moderate fashion desire like my friend, who is asking blindly… or rather awkwardly; ‘Actually, how many seasons do we -regular people- need?’

Good question that we -people with a bit bigger passion for fashion- can barely answer.You see, fashion is a pressure-based industry. If you want to keep growing, you have to make people like you. But once people like you, they’ll ask for more and more. They want something more luxurious, more expensive and represents them in every season, that’s probably why there are a lot of designers making Resort and Pre-Fall collection and talk like we really need it. Maybe we need it. Maybe the whole system isn’t really bad at all. Okay, there goes my fashionista side (who carves for more pretty dresses to look at and to be reviewed in this little blog). Fine, whatever the meaning is, I have to admit that Resort collections are fun and Bottega Veneta is no exception.

Call me a stereotype person, but I never considered Bottega Venata as a strong and very active brand. It’s like it is recognizable and quite big, but nothing really special that can makes my tummy flips every time I see the store’s display or crave for one. This season is, well, no difference. I do love the dresses, they look really nice and easy-breezy. Perfect for strolling in Los Angeles or Miami (or maybe Hawaii. Hmm, think Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Moss with no children)! But the rest are just fine. Nothing really excites me, but nothing really disappoints me. It’s like eating an ice cream, no matter where you buy it as long as it’s cool and sweet (and melt in your mouth), it’s good enough. Okay, I have to stop writing with metaphor. It’s creeping me out.

One thing that I like from Resort is the easiness of the collection. Maybe designers don’t have enough time to make new collection just a month after fashion week (for Fall) or they want to make the collection as wearable as possible. I don’t know. One thing I really know is it’s good not to have to wait for 6 months to see new collection, Resort can be either fun or useless or both. But at the end of the day, we will find ourselves dreading for one of the clothes.

Am I right?

Taken from Style