by gimmegoodstyle

Day dress or, simply, a dress is inevitably beautiful, but decorated day-dress is even more beautiful. And by decorated I mean dress with sequins, prints or patterned dress. It is just amazing and really simple. You just have to put the dress (it has to be fit) and maybe wear a little accessories like necklaces or bracelets or even a good medium crown to make you look royal like Katy Perry in Met Gala. I don’t think people really need advices on how to rock a dress because they just have this kind of instinct wether the dress fit them or not, they just don’t want to admit that their feelings are right most of the time.

For example; a woman, who is not really tall, really wants to wear maxi dress and she tries it and looks at the mirror. Well, you already know that maxi dress or gowns never really cooperate with short people and voila! The dress looks very big and the woman is slowly vanishing under miles of expensive fabrics. She doesn’t really need anyone to tell her how she looks, she already sees the truth in the mirror. Oh, I bet she will deny it and tries to find ten thousand reasons why this dress worths her money. It’s normal, by the way.

Well, choosing a dress can be really difficult and easy at the same time. I think it’s a process that based more on luck (pray to fashion goddess!) than skill. Really different with choosing tops or pants because, at least, in choosing pants you know the size and no one really cares about your pants (except if you are working in Vogue or other fashion magazines). Dress on the other hand is also a sign of social class and luxury, people need it and they’ll definitely fight for it even though they try to act don’t-care and oh, we are really humble and don’t give a shit about money. Please, everyone needs social class. That’s why dress is still one of the most wanted items in fashion.

Okay, back to choosing the right dress and how to wear it. Hmm, I really think you should copy this woman’s style in the picture. If you look closer, the reason why I love the style is not because of the pattern (well, okay, maybe because of the pattern. It reminds me of Dolce and Gabbana), but the way the dress fit her body like a super model (is she a super model -or model?) and that rose crown is just perfect! She looks really simple and chic and stunning at the same time. I am imagining a mix between duchess and modern Parisian woman (oh, I love this kind of combination). A bit complicated, I know.

So… the conclusions are: keep honest with yourself when you are shopping for dress (even when it’s in the middle of discounts) (and even when you see 80% discount for Prada banana dress. DON’T! Not everyone can pull a banana dress), keep it simple, keep it elegant, chic and classic (Kate Middleton before pregnancy phase can be a good example). You will be just fine.

Taken from StreetFSN