STYLE Loves: Prada Banana Dress

by gimmegoodstyle


Do you still remember Prada Banana dress from Spring 2011? Oh my God, it was such a hit and I love the dress soo much. But fashion sometimes feels more like a chainsaw for last trends and before I know it, banana dress is already going-going-gone! from magazines all over the world. It was tragic because I haven’t seen it in real paper-based magazine (e-book edition is so lame and I don’t even have an iPad!).

Anyway, thanks to Internet’s ability to remember any trash people put into it’s head, it’s really not impossible to look for the dress and I found it! Oh, I really miss this dress. This dress is classic and unique and artsy, everything that you can imagine. And, to tell you the truth, I usually don’t feel this way (this psychotic, I mean) for fashion item or clothes. Wow, I call this the Magic of Prada-Banana.

Taken from Garance Dore