Sporty Spring

by gimmegoodstyle


Okay, as you already know (or realize), I hate sports and I don’t really good at them. All of them. In fact, I am a sucker in all branch of sports except meditating, which is not really a sport after all and I only use it as a short cut to get a good 2 hours sleep with everyone encouraging you to sleep (well, they are encouraging me to meditate into ‘higher’ level, which means sleeping for me) (I have to admit, sleeping is way healthier than yoga or whatever-chi). But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like sporty style. For me, sporty style is located among basic styles, you just have to put a really comfortable pants, some t-shirts with numbers on the back and maybe a cap or sunglasses to complete your look. Thanks to Alexander Wang though, who is really famous for his signature sporty style, because now sporty has become something entirely new -and upgraded. It’s not about t-shirts and pants anymore. There are a lot of different and interesting ways to go sporty.

I recognized that most of sporty-fashionable girls will go for Isabel Marant sneakers, which look very comfortable and chic (it just screams chic, chic, chic all over the roads!). The rest of them, who have more money in their pockets and a lot of formal occasions to attend (birthday parties, wedding parties, farewell parties), choose to buy some Alexander Wang pieces. Very cool and very New York!

But I like it more when sport style is all about relaxed and laid back, wearing something you are really comfortable with (t-shirts and pants and jackets combination all over again). Ah, and even though jogging pants are comfortable, I don’t really accept it as sporty. More like homey. Can we go back to that phase, where everything looks really real and less high-fashion? Because everything seems too couture and editorial these days. Sigh.

Call me a fashion-blogger in dilema.

Taken from Street Geist