Work Day, All Day

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-05-10 16:00:12 +00001

Monday sucks! I don’t know why, but I always spend most of my week days by imagining what I would do during weekend and Friday night. They seem really long and I almost give up (around Wednesday or Thursday) and say that they’ll never come. We will spend our entire lives in offices and schools. Scary thought, even scarier than watching The Exorcist and The Shining on Halloween night at the same time. Well, you can say that you do enjoy your work and will gladly spend your entire life doing what you really like -your job. But there will be a point when you need to slow down and ask your weary mind; is this what you need? People aren’t machines, we need holidays and we need something pleasurable to keep us alive or, at least, sane until the week end comes. Something that we call guilty pleasure.

In my case as a student, my guilty pleasures are napping and blogging (yeah!). Both of them make my brain becomes slightly less tired and ready to face hard times with Mathematics at school. Oh, how I hate Math and Sports. They’re vicious and the main reason why I really think we will end up in our dull offices/schools. FOREVER!

Okay, for you fashionistas, I bet there is only one thing you can get as guilty pleasure. No, it’s not Kit Kat or extra dessert, even though they’re indeed guilty pleasures. Nope, what I want to say is clothes! Clothes are amazing and designer clothes are even more amazing. Imagine shopping some Chanel bags (or bag, if you can only afford one) during your lunch break and actually buy something from Emporio Armani and use ‘work outfit’ as excuse. Just amazing.

Here is what I think good enough for work day (the shorts can be inappropriate, but I really addicted to Devils Wears Prada and they wear shorts. All the time. To work. We need to be a bit rebellious to sometimes, don’t we?).

Shoes: Louboutin; Shoulder Bag: Chanel Vintage; Bracelet: Givenchy; Cardigan: Emporio Armani; Belt: Unbranded; Shorts: Unbranded.