STYLE Loves: Tullia by Dannijo

by gimmegoodstyle

tullia by

Accessories have become an important part in an outfit. Magazines even have special editorial for accessories (sometimes with no clothes) (nude models with only necklaces as the cover of magazine? It’s fun… for boys) and I do realize the role of those gleaming peebles in fashion. There are times when accessories successfully turn a hideous or over-simple outfit into something worth to crave for.

My favorite accessories are the ones that are quite ‘young’, nothing too elegant or too sparkly, I even don’t have really big fancy for diamonds or gold. I find them quite ordinary… or only for married couple (!). For me, killer accessories mean unique designs and materials, I think those two are the souls of accessories. I mean, what’s the point of buying simple silver necklace with nothing to attract people’s attentions?

Thank fashion gods, Dannijo makes quite unique accessories. I like the way they combine different materials and colors into one solid piece. The size and the colors of the accessories also ease us to wear them. Imagine wearing a plain shirt and black pants to work, then if you want to upgrade your outfit, you just have o wear one of Dannijo accessories and voila! You’ll look much more fun than you actually feel. My favorite so far from Dannijo collections is Tullia necklace. Hmm, sexy, bold and unique. Simply (or not so simple actually) perfect!

Taken from Dannijo

tullia dannijo necklace $745.00