The Row Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


I was a bit skeptical back to the day when The Row just launched by the Olsen twins. Two former teen stars, trying to make a sensation through their fashion brands and then, after regaining medium success from the fashion (and commercial) world, they’re back again on their acting carrer, totally forget about their collections and brands because seriously,who wants to make a collection all the time and actually make it into clothes then present it infront of editors and buyers, when you can act infront of the camera, memorize a few lines, advertising some brands (maybe even make a so-called collaboration) and get tons of money? Hmm, it sounds familiar. I guess it’s a classic Hollywood thing! Am I right?

Fashion for celeb is more like a tool to another level of fame, not a serious business and fashion. Well, thank God, I am wrong. The Row has constantly making collections for every season and never forget to participate on big events like Fashion Night Out and Fashion Week. Looks like Olsens are really serious about their brand. I also a bit surprised by the way they target their customers. They boldly sell their clothes to upper-class people (like Gossip Girl kind of teens, think about Selena, Blair, all those girls), which is totally a sign that they’re playing in high fashion arena. Okay, I see that they’re really good and brave in this thing.

One thing I really like from The Row is the simplicity and elegant feeling you get whenever you see the clothes and accessories (the bags! Seriously, the bags!). In high-fashion it’s really difficult to sell avant-garde items or what I call as artsy-fashion, people think that they already spend too much money buying expensive designers’ clothes and in return, they want a classic item. Something that they can wear from day to day and day to night and no one will think that they’re cool and awesome. Something that is pretty easy to be matched with other not-so-expensive items. Classic. And  The Row does make the classic feelings come true, from their simple black coats to Box Bag. How about the quality? Ah, contrary to the simple style and cutting, The Row is always famous because of it’s material choice. Very expensive and best of the best (think Hermes with no Birkin Bag and not as pricey).

The Row started the show in empty Upper East Village apartment, pretending to held a formal dinner with sound effect and set adjustment, which gives more luxurious feeling and New York’s famous vibes into the clothes. Everything came in layers of coat, tops, scarves and simple straight pants with something… under the pants (is it second, tighter pants… or new underwear? I really don’t want to know). The simplicity feeling is exist through the use of colors and materials. Black and white are the main guests and the rest of the colors look either unimportant or just not-in for the Olsens, except for the red decorated sandals (which are quite exciting, they’re a perfect mixture between street style and high fashion. Eh, what they -the magazines- call it…? Oh, yeah. High Street). It’s clear that this collection is about easiness. Every pice connects with all the items in the collection and you can freely mix and match them. Nothing to  be worried about. I even imagine buying one of those decorated silver tops and combine it with… ripped jeans and something hip (and young) from Kenzo. Just cool.

Ah, the show was ended with children giggling in the background as their mother comes back from the dinner. Sounds more like Olsens real story, right? Perfect end -and kinda cute (or scary, I always imagine that those children in Dream House or Insidious movie. Ugh).

Taken from Style