Dazzling Sun

by gimmegoodstyle

dazling sun

There is something magical with natural sun/moon/lamps/whatever light in photos and I love it soo much! It feels like you are looking into a really special object, so special until the sun/moons/lamps/whatever lights it up and make it holier than the rest of the view. Same thing happens with fashion shoots. Yeah, I know that most photographers will go black and white because it is easier and hide a lot of little flaws, different with lights that will make more flaws than they expected, but black and white is just… black and white. I see the glamour, the drama, but where is that special thing? Where is those beautiful gleaming ray of lights that fall perfectly on those haute couture dresses and clothes, lifting them into higher level of beauty? Black and white style makes those models and clothes become extremely sad and.. dark (okay, that is really not describing what I have in my mind.. is there any word to say ‘extremely sad, creepy, scary and not really attractive. Plus, you can only see models’ flawless bodies which make me feels sad sad sad’?).

And I have to disagree to people who always say that lights are terrible in fashion photography. Okay… honestly, I do feel that sometimes over-brightness (over exposure? This is getting confusing) is really annoying in editorials or street photography, but after I peer into those shoots closer (and trying to get a little bit artsy and creative) (I think I have an alter ego whenever I comment on some photos or fashion, but that’s another story), I begin to think that these are really cool. Those lights really show up details we failed to see and even add more dramatic feeling than black and white. In fact, it feels more majestic than dramatic. Instant love.

Here is one of those natural lights fashion photos that I love. First, the woman outfit is really chic, but red-on-red-on-red doesn’t really work with anyone. Be careful and be HONEST. Second, the sun is incredibly romantic (think sunset, boyfriend, strolling in the bank of some Parisian river together, a -really good- kiss and a poetic line in Instagram). Third, this is a street photography which means no heavily edited picture or flawless models in set (eat that Karlie Kloss, Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne. We are flawless toooo…!!!!).

Which one do you prefer? Black and white or… dazzling sun?

Taken from StreetFSN