Show Stopper

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-05-10 17:28:09 +00001

What is in your mind when you heard ‘show stopper’? A girl with mean words and bad attitudes soo bad, she makes the bar closed early and guys go home with their tails slipped between their legs? Or a girl with such an interesting outfits she make the entire club silent and stare at her wherever she goes…?

I personally will go for the second one because the’outfit’ part. Think about it, you can simply call a bad girl (ugh, I make it sounds like 5 year old little girl, who eats too much candies after school)  a bitch (no sensor here) (bitch bitch bitch). But a show stopper is something more special to me. Something with more sexual interpretation and sexier outfits than the rest of the girls in the club. Oh, you can only imagine boys. You can only imagine….

My choice for sexy falls for this leather pencil skirt with belt as sweetener. And I am sorry, but I am not a good sexy-style stylist, I can’t help but put this adorable Louis Vuitton coat which ruins the entire outfit, but makes my heart warms to know that Louis is there (silly me!). As redemption, I manage to sneak red heels which are highly recommended for sexy-style goers. Maybe you can change the clutch into something leathery or has more reference to sexual terms (nothing wrong with that, but don’t do it too far. The layer between show-stopper and bitch is really really thin) or you can go very simple and bring nothing except credit card and ID. Just like Jacqueline Kennedy. Cool.

What do you think? Are you a show stopper? Are you the bad girl (I am sure you are NOT  a bitch. If you are one, then be a proud bitch)?

Outwear: Louis Vuitton; Skirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs Mirah leather skirt; Belt: Forever New Baroque elastic belt; Shoes: Brian Atwood Sandal; Clutch: The Row metal frame clutch.