Shrimps Dilema

by gimmegoodstyle


Before we start talking about these shrimps from new seafood restaurant in North Jakarta (which name will be forbidden to say in this blog), I want you to know that in my entre career as fashion, life style and food blogger (eh…one year career), I have never failed in commenting foods or at least recognize which one is fresh food and which one is not-really-fresh-but-still-worth-to-serve food. I am pretty sure because I have a baby stomach, I tend to get stomach if I either eat too much or eat something really bad, even my sister (who has a really high hygiene standard) admit that my stomach needs a special treatment in trem of clean and good foods. Yeah, I am confident enough with my role. And my tummy.

But why? WHY? I can’t decide wether these are good grilled shrimps with spicy spices or bad shrimps with spices?

Okay, let me tell you the story first. One day I was really hungry and my family took me into a new seafood restaurant in North Jakarta. The interior is great and the music is quite up to date. At least, you can still hear a song or two from Billboard 100, which is quite rare in the country where dang-dut music rules. Then the menu came and we ordered rice (classic Indonesian food that you have to order when you are eating with Indonesians in Indonesian restaurant in Indonesia. Yeah, quite confusing, I know), grilled fish, oysters (with some spices that I really forget), and those shrimps! The rice turned out to be quite disappointing, but still good enough to chew and I ate it with shrimps.

One thing I quickly noticed from the shrimps are they are covered in spices and as a good Indonesian, I peeled them off from those spices and ate the shrimps alone, which means I didn’t eat those shrimps with spices. Pure shrimps’ meats. The texture of the meat was chewy and quite eat-able, then that really weird smell came… a mix between ocean smell and something from the ground. We called that smell as ‘ground smell’, usually happen when you keep fishes in ponds or in ground/earth water for too long and then cook them without special preparations. But that smell only happens with fishes and ground-water sea creatures… not shrimps, who live in the ocean. What was it? I asked my family wether they smell something bad from the shrimps and they said nothing strange. I asked the servant and to be honest, she gave me quiet a confusing answer. My family calmed me down and I continued to eat, thinking that I must be mistaken…

Guess what?

I got diarrhea on our way back home. We had to spend the next two hours waiting for me to finish… my thing in my aunt’s home. Yeah, to be honest with you, I felt really victorious. I know that those shrimps are bad. I know it. But my family seems fine and healthy enough to eat more… Okay, this is quite strange.

I don’t really know why, but I also tasted something strange from the oysters and grilled fish, even though they smell clean and fine. First, the oysters really really spicy! I literally chocked for cold water when I first tasted it. Second, the grilled fish was really salty! Chocked for the second time. Seriously, what the hell happened with my tongue? Do I just get into another level of tasting? Did I get a bad day? Is the restaurant bad? Am I cursed? Whatever it is, I better be really careful with what I eat for the next few weeks….Diarrhea is NOT fashionable.