by gimmegoodstyle


Spring/summer is all about sexiness. There, I said it. Sexy is always trending, the only thing you have to do is figuring out what kind of sexy are you? You can be the ‘swimsuit’ girl, the ones that are really good at flirting and sporty and has a perfect body. Perfect as summer fling, but never good in long term relationships. If you frown at the idea of ‘swimsuit girl’, maybe you are more like the ‘librarian’. In my mind, the librarian is the goody-goody sexy. You don’t have to flirt or say anything that involve sexual references, you just have to be smart. That’s it. Smart sexy. Perfect for wild.. eh, imagination for hunky geeks. I know you want it. Ha!

Anyway, no matter what kind of sexy you are, you still have to have one really crucial outfit to complete your sexy-suicide. Sheer. I know you love it and you know it too. Sheer is kinda hard to wear when you have quite a sensual curve (extra curves are also sensual), but my only tip for those kind of girls (or you) is… just be confident and make the world go round. Ah, where were we? Right, sheer. My favorite sheer-outfit is usually a dress because it’s like a double kill. First, the dress makes you look extremely elegant and chic. Second, woo-ho! Anyone would kill to see what’s underneath those beautiful, flat (imagination works!), sexy stomach and those long, slim, sexy (photoshop too) legs. Yes people, total exposure of your body.

But let’s face the reality first. Sheer is sexy… and it’s a really body-centered style. There are styles that require nothing special from your body, like classic black or jogging pants. There are styles that you need to do a little trick to make it works for your body types, like stripes and color blocks. AND there is the sheer. It’s really pointless to do tricks to sheer because that simplicity is one thing that makes the style becomes so sexy and exposing. What I am trying to say is to make this sheer-sexy-style works, you have to be really honest with yourself and ready to rock some boys’ eyes (or your own eyes).

And don’t give me that inner beauty craps again. We will talk about it, I promise!

Taken from StreetFSN