Steak and Salad

by gimmegoodstyle


I will be honest and say that I hate vegetables and I do love salad, the one that has more mayo and those little fried chicken than the vegetables. Yes, I mean caesar salad. It looks quite pathetic though, eating caesar salad and trying to convince yourself that it’s enough to be considered healthy food and after eating those salads, I can eat more meat (hey, I just eat a bowl filled with vegetables!). The thing about salad (eh, real salad without mayo and those fried chickens)(or fruits) is… it’s really too much veggies for me in one course. I can’t imagine having to stuck all those leaves (and branches) to my stomach at the same time. I can’t.

But I don’t want to die alone because of meat addiction. That’s just sad and really… not glamorous.

Time to have real food revolution! I think my first (and only) idea is to mix steak and salad together. It won’t be like caesar salad because I will use less mayo and… those fried chickens (uh), I will use lemon and more veggies instead. Okay! Time to start now… or maybe later.

Taken from Seasons and Suppers