Geek of the Day: Yvette Yang

by gimmegoodstyle


Remember when we are still all young and cute and still like to cuddle up in our favorite blankets while our parents are desperately trying to teach us how to spell A B C? Well, I honestly don’t want to remember that moment because people said that I was a slow learner and really liked to draw abstract sketches on the wall. And it was white (thanks to my little art, it’s now grey and dusty. Ups!). I have one statement to defend myself from the slow-learner title. I was really slow because my parents didn’t give me the right A B C pictures. Please, who wants to look at those cheap A B C cartons, when you have Yvette Yang’s latest fashion-typography alphabets collection?

The idea is simple enough for us to understand. Just cut some parts from models’ photos from fashion shows all over the world (but mostly big brands like Chanel) and arrange them into different alphabets from A to Z. Sounds really simple, but she can’t fool me because I know how frustrating cropping can be and I definitely don’t want to try making something really complex like those alphabets.

I was a little bit sad because Yvette started this really cool project around 2007, not at the time when I was still a little kid. Huff, I had a really bad time studying alphabets because of you Yvette! Anyway, I also studied something from these photo sets: unique styling. I never thought that all those patterns can work really well with each others even though they don’t sound really great together theoretically. A simple proof that fashion bibles can be wrong sometimes. Those collages really are inspiring because all those glorious fashion items just fall on top of each others and make a whole new different style. Even more fun than on the runway or magazines’ editorials. This is just cool!

Maybe I will buy one of those sets and teach my baby (if I ever have one)(baby talk sounds really… strange for me because I am really really young!) A B C with it… or maybe no because I really don’t want to mess with my baby’s mind by showing cut-off legs and arms, even though they’re in designers clothes. Okay, you can call it a dilema. Yvette dilema!

See Yvette Yang’s complete Fashion-Alphabet series here!

Taken from Fast CoDesign