Signs of White

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-05-11 05:55:56 +00001

The signs are really easy for us to interpret from fashion shows and street stylers. And by signs, I mean white-trend signs. I recognized the trend when I watched Vogue talking about it on YouTube and I frown and think; what a hard trend! White is just really easy to get dirty and muddy (white is the magnet of dusts and all thing nasty that you can get on your clothes) (except you are Susie Bubble or Rummy Neely, who seems to be very.. clean and magnificent in white). And I really can’t keep my palms or body clean all the time. Jakarta is like the capital city of dust and muds and you will find yourself panting and sweating after spending no more than 5 minutes on the outside during summer season or rain season or both. Trying to wear white is like a local fashion suicide, you can even call it a taboo. But to be honest, I really want to try white! Designers really know how to rock a trend and they sure make white color looks easier to wear.

Maybe they’re right.

I am entering my fashion-possessed mode right now. I mean, beauty can be painful, right? But in the end you will get all those praises and photos and smiles from bloggers (possibly editors!) and it will be worth it! Okay, let’s try white, whatever the risks are. Hmm, where should we start? I really recommend this white versatile dress because it’s just really simple and you can add a lot of things onto it. Like colorful skull necklace combined with classic red pumps and cute clutch. Maybe not sexy, but chic enough for me.

Oh! And about the fragrance, I really obsessed with this Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs because according to my friend, the scent is really sweet and very girly. Perfect for new found style! One more tip, bring more tissues and back-up plan (means more emergency make ups tools and really good sport-bra).

Dress: Saint Laurent linen day dress; Clutch: Mauve Diamant satin clutch; Pumps: Gucci Lisbeth Patent; Fragrance: Oh Lola! Marc Jacobs Sunshine Edition; Necklace: Swarovski