We Rule The World

by gimmegoodstyle

old and old streetfsn

Being old sounds terrible for most.. um, all women. Maybe because they’re afraid of the prospect of having wrinkles and become really slow until your grandchildren (euh! GRANDchildren!) always try to avoid having a walk with you in the park. And you actually feel terrible about that. Well, I have to be bold and honest in order to keep this blog going. So… yeah, maybe you will get all old and those wrinkles will definitely coming for you. And yes, your grandchildren will be vicious impatient monsters, who only respect you when you bring them their favorite foods, which mean no vegetables or anything greens. And say good bye to those Herve Ledger bandage dresses and Alexander Wang cut-out tops because they’re horrible on you, start shopping at vintage shops and try to invest more on jogging pants or rubber-waist pants.

In short, old sucks and aging is only good for cosmetic and advertising companies. Never good for us. What should we do? Is there any chance to escape all those ages and always become young and beautiful (think Twilight)? Is there, at least, any magic potion to keep my skin tight and sexy (even Chanel can’t do that!)? Is there anything to help me escape menopause (don’t be happy guys! Remember, we have impotents!)? Ah… we are FREAKING OUT! YOU are the blogger, help us figuring out all these miseries!

Okay, that’s a little bit too much.

Well…what should we do? I guess, there is nothing that we can actually do to prevent all those problems. You see, aging is like a delayed trend. Everyone tries to hold it as long as possible then one day… boom! All those glamorous women you know in high school (and magazines) (and at the parties) are in wrinkles and trying to stay on their feet, not on the wheelchairs.

Why do you feel bad about it? If you don’t like those old vintage clothes, try to go to Mark and Spencer and try something just like my mother and grandmother. If you hate (or hate-and-love) your future grandchildren, ask for your old friends to come by and have a wonderful tea time with healthy homemade biscuits (just like my aunts always do, even though they’re not really old. But I know they will keep doing it until forever). AND if you are getting menopause… time for a change. Get a loyal man that you love (this is really crucial) and start a real relationship based on love. We all can find it. Nope, that’s not convincing enough. We WILL definitely find them and, when we do find them, we will walk to the latest fashion weeks together as the coolest couple on the street!

Taken from StreetFSN