DON’T Try This. Again.

by gimmegoodstyle

bryanboy tweet

Thin is the ever lasting concept of beauty in fashion world. One thing that people always wrong. Please, thin is beautiful because designers don’t have to spend more money for fabrics to make a show (fabrics are expensive. Yeah, we know that already). There I said it. And thin is perfect for editorial because only thin models can get into those clothes from the show. Well, it’s like a devil’s circle with more glams and sparks and parties. I never want to be thin. I mean, it’s okay, if it’s for my health and something like that. But I never want to be thin because I want to wear some ‘designer’ clothes. Nope. I rather be in my really ugly Gap t-shirts, which are very very comfortable and make me happy than wearing Marc Jacobs and have to starve to death during fashion week.

It sounds ironic and quite cliche, but it is better to be healthy and not as attractive as models than being thin but starving and make people around you feel sad about YOURSELF. Pathetic ladies, just pathetic. I know what it feels like to be chubby and ugly because I am chubby. I like burgers and fastfoods and I am more like a happy food blogger than a fashion blogger. And there are times when I feel bad about myself, but you know what? I am over  it. This is my body and my live. I can be either spend it frowning and trying to cut fats from my body (good ones and bad ones) or I can be all smiling and learn how to write interesting articles for my readers (is this interesting? Because I am learning right now). You have the same choice!

And I do not appreciate public figures (more than that, a fashion icon) for tweeting something really reckless and pro-anorexic like this. Very irresponsible and quite convincing to be a real tweet, not a joke-tweet. If I have thousands of followers (which I don’t have) and readers on the net and considered as ‘one of the most influential fashion icons’ on the internet, I will be very careful with my jokes and words. Especially when I am in social medias… like Twitter. No offense. Just normal fact.

Lesson learned?

Taken from Daily Mail