Geek of the Day: Ferruccio Laviani

by gimmegoodstyle


As part of one of the biggest furniture fair in the world, Salon del Mobile, designer Ferruccio Laviani with Italian company Unopiù created an exhibition which is inspired by Alice in the Wonderland located in the garden of Triennale di Milano. The concept is to build six gazebos and put different gazes paintings on the gazebos’ walls (some showcase Unopiuù’s products and some to simply display really strange objects like human anatomies, jungles and you can imagine the rest. I am sure of it), completed with sinking chairs and bizzarre pieces like fountain inside one of the gazebos (yellow one).

I have to honestly say that it is not as great as the movie, even though they use different medium, and it’s not as weird as what I imagined either. I mean, when I hear someone says Alice in the Wonderland, what come to my mind are Alice (yes, she is crucial), crazy tea party, beautiful castle and Anne Hathaway as White Queen (okay, maybe I am a little bit obsessed with Tim Burton’s works). Anyway, I also realized that this is a totally different circumstances and Ferruccio do it to attend a furniture fair, not to awe a bunch of movie goers like me, and he did it by himself (okaaayyy… with a help of Italian furnishing company, but still there were tons of responsibilities on his back), which is an amazing fact. Imagine how much works he had to do. Geez, may back suddenly hurts.

Well, the sinking chairs look interesting, but I will prefer mainstream idea like tea party because sometimes you need to be mainstream, when it comes to classic books. Okay, I really encourage you to be unique and all. But this is a fair, if I am one of the visitors, I would like to see something that is familiar and worth-buying. Sinking chairs (as fabulous as they sound) are not really useable for me….

But this is an excellent job and I feel a little bit magical already. Time to step into the rabbit’s hole!

Taken from My Modern MET

mini wonderland