Versus X J.W. Anderson Resort 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Versus announced that they’ll be totally different for Resort 2014 and it was for us (actually it was for famous fashion bloggers that were able to hang out with Donatella and J.W. Anderson himself via Google Hangout) (I’ve never use Google Hangout because my friends never mention it to me and I am kinda waiting for them because otherwise I will have zero friend there). Where were we? Oh, new Versus. Well, after seeing this collection, I prefer the old Versus and long for the come back of Christopher Kane.

Sorry Anderson.

Don’t get me wrong, I just love J.W. Anderson and it always good to see an imaginative and out-of-the-world collaboration, but I feel really confused with the styling. The collection supposed to be SEXY, but one thing that I can get from the show is FAG. Sorry, but there are a lot differences between sexy and fag (watch Mean Girls then watch Sex and The City). Ah, yes, I know the collection is inspired by Versus 90s styles and Anderson had done a lot of researches and tried to channel the infamous Versus’s sexiness and freedom spirits. I know it! Still, I hate the way the men look with those cut out tops/dresses/whatever it should be and those… headpieces. They don’t look very androgyny for me, they look like misplaced drama queens (or kings?).

There are some good pieces though, I like the way Anderson played with laces and combined it with bold colored, tight and all sexy dresses. Hmm, delicious! And it is good for Versus to be all out on the internet and launched it’s own online shop because Donatella and Anderson know how much we love shopping online.

But I can’t shake that feeling though. The feeling that this is only one-side collection. And that side is Versus. Here is the concept of collaboration for me; when you collaborate with someone, you are trying to build a dialogue between YOU and who you collaborate with, and make a new… concept. A concept that represents you and those people that you collaborate with, like a netral territory where both of you can express different creative ideas and make them work somehow. If you failed to make that concept, you are better do it alone because the result will be just the same. I think Anderson is a bit consumed by Versus’s and Versace’s ideas of sexiness and forget his own chic, a bit manly (not fag-y like men) and wearable street style-like trademarks, which are quite disappointing because I love him because of those qualities.

Taken from Style