Gothenburg Apartment

by gimmegoodstyle


I have a new hobby recently, trying to find out as many apartments as possible all around the world. I have this strange ambition that I will travel all over the world (think Eat Pray Love) and photograph people in different cultures and cityscape. How amazing is that? And maybe I will write a book or two, telling about my journeys complete with photographs that I have taken along the way. Very chic.

But before that, I have to make sure that there are apartments or flats available for me. And because I am a big fan of Eat Pray Love (roll your eyes!), I want to live in a bright, quite minimalist and has this beautiful vibe to keep my creativity going (and loneliness away… quite dramatic, right?). I have found different apartments in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sweden (which is the capital of cool apartments) and my next choice is this really cool apartment in Masthugget area, which is one of the most elite historical area in the city of… Gothenburg, Sweden. Ah, well, Sweden is everywhere in global real estate markets. Second only to New York and London. Don’t blame me for reviewing Sweden again and again.

Just like a good and classic Scandinavian style apartment, this Gothenburg one uses white as it’s main color and begin to fill it with minimalist furnitures which are chic. No, very chic. And to make this apartment even cooler, the location is perfect for street photography with coffee shops, old buildings and gardens towering and filling up the road like roasted beans (means very easy to find), this place is perfect for holidays or short term vacation (there are differences in those two, but we will talk about them later). Don’t you worry your minds with ventilations (important!) and how-the-hell-this-apartment-works? kind of things because this place really is easy-breezy with windows projecting a beautiful cityscape views in almost every room (except bathroom to reduce human’s basic instinct. Pervert).

The best thing is this apartment is for sale! You can purchase (eh, rent) this beauty by calling through the Swedish real estate company,  Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör for 1 700 000 Swedish SEK. I am not really sure how much this apartment really worth, but better keep real and remember: never show too much interest in buying a house (or apartment), otherwise they will charge you more. No smiling, just nodding. AND no laughing for you couples because laughs are quite expensive in real estate markets.

Oh, don’t forget that I will rent one… soon!

Taken from Fresh Home