Chanel Resort 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Resort? Pff… it’s not an actual season for most designers because they only have to make maybe 15 to 20 clothes (or don’t make anything at all because who cares about Resort when you have Spring fashion shows in few months from now?) and they’re done. But not for Kaiser Karl. The man of Chanel told medias that he thinks Resort as a real season (!) and creates a huge collection to greet it. Ugh, not an easy job. But nothing seems to be easy for Chanel show and Karl Lagerfeld. To make his guests tasted the real holiday spirit, Karl brought them all to Singapore, the Tiger of Asia and one of the most modern city in South East Asia, where money runs like waterfall in billion dollars stock markets and new malls popped up from the street almost every month along with Chanel’s expensive stores. Karl said it’s not about the money though (despite knowing that Chanel has more than 6 stores in Singapore -I saw none when I was there for quick holiday- and needs a serious event to keep them going), it’s about the inspiration and instinct for him. And his instincts leads the fashion industry (and some important medias) to Singapore.

I always adore Chanel collections and the fact that Karl also made some menswear pieces in the collection is quite surprising (in good ways). I also adore those monochromes and a little bit Asian sensation in patterns and cuttings (the collection is also inspired by Singaporean traditional black an white woven curtains). And who doesn’t love pearls (think Coco Chanel)? Hmm, but this won’t be my favorite from Chanel.

There is nothing wrong about them though. The monochrome styling is (again) just perfect for spring and summer at the same time (I can already imagine rich women playing in their pool parties with Chanel dresses and shorts), the pearl necklaces are dazzling in every way possible, I also adore the androgynous feelings those clothes give (think Coco Chanel again) and the dresses look luxurious as usual. But somehow I need something more vibrant and alive. Elegance and glamour are always nice, but there are times when I crave for giant explosion of colors and weird volumes… and forget about all those luxurious. To focus more on the artsy sides. I guess that’s not how Chanel rocks the boat… in Singapore.

Taken from Style