by gimmegoodstyle

windows of new york

If eyes are the windows to your souls, then the same thing can be said about real windows. They’re doors to your hearth and we all know how important a home is for us. And for me Manhattan has a lot of them to offer. It’s funny, but I feel like every time I see different shapes of windows, I can quickly guess what the home looks like and what it’s owners feel about their home. Call me the supernatural one now (no kidding!) (okay, maybe I read too much young adult fiction books) (you get the point though).

New York, or Manhattan to be precise, is such a strange city. It has a lot of different homes and personalities, which result in different windows, creating a unique inspiration for a lot of young artists. And I just found out this artist, who specializes in creating graphic illustration of Manhattan’s windows. Simple yet personal. It’s one those arts that are quite easy to understand yet still have meaning inside them. Whatever. I quickly fall in love with windows (in Manhattan or New York). Ah, and Jakarta does has a lot of windows, but most of them are old and dust and the new ones are too high for you to see them clearly. Got the point?

Taken from Garance Dore (the first picture); Windows of New York

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