Oh, Soo Funny!

by gimmegoodstyle

streetfsn.blogspot.com popart bag

There are cool bags, cute bags and very expensive bags, but there are really rare selections of funny bags. It’s not that I am complaining because people are soo critical sometimes they don’t get the joke. And sometimes I don’t either, which is really embarrassing when people ask me the meaning of the words printed on my bag. But I have a cool answer now: a good joke is not good anymore, if you explain the meaning. One thing people forget is a good joke can also be a bigger disaster, if you don’t have any idea about the meaning.

Anyway, I still like all those funny quotes in bags. But because people are like staring weirdly at me (or my bag) and trying to read the words when I am walking, which freaks me out because I think they’re robbers and pickpockets and all those crazy criminals in Jakarta that ready to stab your backs and stel your phones right after you say hello to them. Okay, that’s quite overreacting (over-writing). I changed my bag into something simpler and commoners. Boring!

That’s why I am considering buying one of those funny bags again. But my choice falls for those artsy-funny bags. You know, the ones with Simpsons and all those cartoons with bright colors and bold prints. They’re funny! And they can also brighten up your daily black outfits and your friends or co-workers will understand almost immediately what your bag is all about. Cool and funny, huh?

Um, and the bag in that picture is not really funny, but that’s the best that I can get. Funny for me, at least.

Taken from StreetFSN