White Feet

by gimmegoodstyle

mija.creatorsofdesire white heels

White is like a spreading trend this season, it is everywhere! From Vogue’s bizzarre editorials into runway and right into the street. But we forget about the source of this ‘white’ trend. How did this happen so fast? The answer must be because of… heels. Yes, white heels. To be honest, I don’t know where those heels come from too. They seem just morphed into the runway and celebs started wearing them and the rest is history.

Anyway, I never pay soo much attention to color trend though because they’re the fastest to change. It’s just really confusing and inconsistent sometimes and I don’t need to make my little mind worried about such thing (I have other things to do too). I tend to wait and look for the final result. Yeah, such a lazy blogger. But I also have to say that white is such a chic color, it’s really clean and quite versatile, even though not as good as black. Again, what color is as good as black? Nothing.

Well, it’s never too late (okay, maybe it is too late) to pick your favorite white heels though. My choice falls for this super sporty and chic heels from…eh, I totally forget (my head is spinning right now and totally asking for NAP!) (Huh, I need NAAAAPPPP!!!), but I think it’s Alexander Wang… Yes, I am quite sure now. I recognize the laser-cut pattern and those sporty-yet-expensive feeling I always get, when I stare at Wang’s pieces.

And to make this style even more sportier and chicer (chicer? Is that a real word?), put a good tops and maybe a sleek shorts. My favorite is this Alexander Wang knit top (again…!). It looks so easy and laid back to wear. I am feeling like a celeb hanging out during Sunday morning, having brunch with couple of friends, go home and prepare for some award shows. Typical.

Anyway, what do you think? Still into the white or…?

Taken from Mija

mija.creatorsofdesire.com alex wang knit top