Flashy Flashy!

by gimmegoodstyle

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Okay, when everyone is chasing floral prints and shorts and swimsuits, we will be trying something not-really-new and different. Metallic skirt. I know, it sounds horrible for the first time (who has ever tried metallic skirt for spring before??), but it will get better. Every good trend did sound terrible at fist. So does the bad one. Anyway, what you need to know about metallic skirt is… it’s flashy. Really flashy. You will need a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes, especially when it’s summer with bright sun and all those blue-sky things.

Not only the flashy-ness frequency, you also have to notice the shapes and cuttings because they’re essentials. Maybe because of the aluminium-like material, this skirt looks really easy to mess up. You can be either look like Anna Dello Russo or Susie Bubble (look at the picture) or look like you are wearing an aluminium foil from chinese takeaway dinner (think dried fried chicken and dim sum). Euh.

Try to wear something like Susie Bubble, even though it’s more like a jacket than a skirt. Don’t try straight pencil skirt because it’s definitely a chinese-takeaway skirt AND too much is never really work for this style. Hmm, what else do you need? Accessories? Minimal. Bags? Something small and simple will be good. Sunglasses? Read the first paragraph. Tops? Simple simple simple (unless you can play it like Susie). Yeah, I think you are good to rock this style, we will show those flowers that they’re really conventional and boring. Ha!

Taken from Style Bubble