Stylish Dream

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-05-11 08:31:52 +00001

Is it crazy to have a fashion dream? You know, that dream when you have everything and currently wearing Valentino gown, while talking to Anna and the designer himself (he is retired, which is okay because this is a dream), and you are going to take the CFDA award and give your speech when suddenly… your alarm rings like crazy and we are going back to reality. Duh! That’s the worst timing that I have ever experienced. More than once. Oh, and the answer to the first question is nope.

Of course it’s not crazy to have a stylish dream, it makes us feel better about ourselves (who am I kidding? It makes us feels even worse about ourselves. Dream: Valentino classic red gown with sheer accent and embroidered with master skill. Reality: old pajamas with bananas (think cheap version of Prada’s prints) and stripes that you haven’t wash since… last week?).

Anyway, my fashion dream (stylish dream) doesn’t involve gown or Anna Wintour (sorry Anna!), but something more high street and humane. But I am sure enough that it involves Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton and Isabel Marant. It’s not that I am complaining though.

Oh, and my dream is not about wearing those gorgeous items (it would be awkward, if I wear heels and cross body shoulder bag), but helping my sister (who is a walking fashion disaster with thin body) (call the fashion cop!!) mix-matching those items. And she looks much better than Kate Moss in the end of my dream (super stylist mode)…. until the bell rings again (ordinary student mode. Boring boring boring!).

Bag: Stella McCartney; Pants: Isabel Marant; Necklace: Dannijo; Camera: Olympus PEN; Shoes: Louis Vuitton