Oscar de la Renta Resort 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Gown? Check. Peplum dresses? Check. Floral? Check. Presses and fashion editors from all over the world with some bloggers and socialites? Eh… they weren’t present during the presentation of Oscar de la Renta Resort 2014. It’s not because Oscar suddenly turned into second class designer, who is not really chic enough for socialites to give a stare and ‘ahh’ (just by thinking about it makes me wanna throw up). No, he is still a legend -and always will be. It’s just because he only invited a small number of journalists to make sure that they had enough time to observe and write about the clothes. I suddenly hate and love this man. Love because he understands how journalism and observation work. Hate because I wasn’t in the list. Oh, well, maybe next season.

It’s not really hard to describe Oscar’s latest collection. It’s spring. All those flowers embellishments speak for their selves. The models looked fresh like blooming flowers (poetic enough?) with classic red lips and net bows in their ponytails. Hmm, a little bit mid-century age in all-modern collection is Oscar’s trademark like usual. Volume and peplum were making appearances on the show and they look amazing and surprisingly new! My favorite quickly falls for dark blue (or navy) peplum mini dress with floral pattern/print/embroidery/embellishments, it looks soft and classic and chic and strong at the same time. Oh, and expensive too (I know that you already know it!).

But the collection also has a little flaws with gowns and pants. Those gowns look very stiff and mess models’ bodies easily.And we all know that models are like goddesses and we are the human, if the goddesses don’t even look good wearing those gowns… how about us? I mean, a decorated dresses are grand enough for me. Why do we have to find more grand with very-hard-to-pull column gown? I am not sure, if anyone can ever pull those gowns (even though they show master skill at sewing and embroidering and all those technical stuffs. They just don’t work for me).

And those pants look definitely out of place according to my senses (fashion senses, I mean). They’re more like office outfits and very plain, it makes my forehead frown (which is bad because I am in no-frowning therapy  to avoid early wrinkles. Uh). Not to mention the sad sad colors, which almost destroy the whole spring concept. The rest of the collection are sublime though. Oscar really nailed spring-classic theme and prove to other fashion empires that we don’t need to go all crazy for spring to be better. Just an old classic game with better (more or less) players.

Taken from Style