Leopard Attack

by gimmegoodstyle

leopard print fashiontoast.com

When the rain is finally draining out from the street, time to look for adventure in the forest. But due to our limited budget and who-the-hell-wants-to-play-with-mud-and-insects? cases, we will try to live it up by wearing something related to the jungle. Hah, always mainstream, but it’s good enough for everyone I guess. And there is nothing more jungle related than leopard prints. Well, hawaiian shirt is too old for me, printed Mary Katrantzou dresses look a bit too fashionable and people know instantly what leopard print is all about. Except PETA, who has different views than the rest of us.

Anyway, I am not a great fan of leopard prints because in Jakarta, there is no great clothes with leopard print on it. They just sell messy t-shirts with rubber hips that can spend as big as you want. And that’s not really good aesthetic. But things are different in global fashion world. Leopard print is crazily stylish and beautiful (and handsome, even though I am not really sure) people wear it all the time. That’s why I still keep an eye for that print, otherwise I will burn all those messy t-shirts and swear never see leopard again because they freaking hurt my eyes (you smell dangerous grudge, almost leads to psychopath, traumatic experience in here).

Umm… leopard print is indeed quite cool, but that doesn’t mean you can just layer it up and miracle happens. Yeah, such a sweet dream. It’s quite the opposite actually, leopard print is full enough to fill your entire look. You just have to pick one medium to big size item like jacket or tops (no t-shirts! Uh-uh!) and mix it with something neutral. My favorite is leopard coat and white t-shirt with cool black shorts. Simple yet still give a point to what you are trying to state.

What do you think?

Taken from Fashion Toast