Work Space

by gimmegoodstyle

work space

Where do you usually write your blog and do all those writings/googling/playing?

Okay, that’s an easy question with embarrassing answer. In my bed. Seriously, my bed is like the only place I find quite comfortable to type and think about what I want to discuss next with you guys. And by writing on the bed you can always have your pajamas on, which is the most comfortable clothes ever invented by people. Of course sometimes I feel diligent enough to get up and try to write on the table like any normal students will do. It only lasts for 20 to 30 minutes and I always start to think that my back is hurting itself and this is not good for my health and… back to the bed. Ah, healthy back means healthy lifestyle.

I am ashamed by my work habit too. I mean, it won’t be cool when I am working in Vogue (I pray for the day to come) and I feel that imaginary back pain and instantly looking for someplace to rest my back. Anna (or one of those beautiful creatures) will kill me. But what can I do? There are certain places that make you feel more creative and fresh and that place for me is my bed. For your info, my bed is not a fancy bed. It’s quite small and hidden beneath piles of magazines and super fluffy pillows and bedcover. There are socks too which I wear during rainy seasons because they feel just right with a cup of hot chocolate and good magazines. Ah, heaven… eh, heaven for work space I mean. I work hard too by the way.

Where is your favorite work place? Office? Home? Living Room? Kitchen (I know someone who really likes to work in kitchen because kitchen is just ‘delicious’)? or maybe same with me, bed?