Cabin Fever

by gimmegoodstyle

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Bah, these past three weekends are as good as jogging pants. Nothing special, boring, but strangely comfortable. I mean, there is nothing more boring and comfortable at the same time than wearing your pajamas from morning to night and watching Legally Blonde (1 and 2) followed by old Disney movies and Tim Burton’s classics. Okay, I should have studied something for my exam tomorrow which is going to be really hard because it’s the one and only chemistry. Science chemistry, not love. Ugh, just by typing it’s name makes me sick! Okay, here is the thing, I really like studying science and all those little formulas that you always forget during the test, but I just have full exam last week and I feel really exhausted. Ah, can’t do this little study anymore. But still have to stay home.

Anyway, I just experienced something similar to cabin fever (think The Shining mixed with Home Alone). I felt really stressed out and had this uneasy feeling… This blog supposed to talk about fashion, but now I am telling you that I am possibly a psycho. It’s okay though. I spend the last 30 minutes by eating chocolates and trying to ease my nerves. Exams are stressing me out. But not even chocolate can lift my mood higher than…Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas (my favorite holiday movie EVER. When people are talking about how good Texas Chainsaws are, I am talking about how classic Jack The Pumpkin King is)! Yes, I LOVE those movies and can’t wait to share my opinion about them… later.

Okay, morals of the story: never study too much, never eat too much junk food, never sleep in your pjs and don’t change it until tomorrow night (gross!) and NEVER feel stressed out when you are alone (but when you do, watch Tim Burton’s old movies and chocolates then continue with chic flicks and good Sunday nap) (and don’t talk to any supernatural bartender) (and grap an axe) (NEVER!).

Taken from Style Bubble