Christian Dior Resort 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


It’s hard to ignore Monaco. The golden sound of jackpot (if you get any) and surfers’ scream while heading up to the sea are just two of many reasons why Monaco is the perfect place to held a fashion show. I guess Raf Simons of Dior had the same feeling, when he chose Monaco as his Resort 2014 venue.

The show should be perfect, but the rain almost ruined everything. People were pushed inside thick plastic tent to prevent their fabulous clothes getting wet by rain and Raf was forced to held the show inside the plastic tent, which is not really cool. No sun for you today, Simons! But don’t worry, the collection is still marvelous and very springy. We just had to learn how to ignore rain drop’s sound and sucked that empty hope for sun, beach, and early summer party. Well, we can’t always get what we want, right? (Unless you are Anna Wintour, which is totally out of context).

Messines is my first reaction when I see the collection. Layering and lace combined with cut out tops and different symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns were playing on the runway like summer fireworks bursting right in my computer’s screen (no invitation again… Haha!). The models looked very light (LIGHT, not thin!) and free, there was no heavy dresses or sky-high heels to torture them. Very much reminded me of summer breeze with even braver colors. I had to take a moment to… consume all of the concepts though. But I like it. I think it’s a statement from Simons that he can also play something girly wild. He is not only a dress designer or Haute Couture mania, he can do much more while still staying true to his own aesthetic. Gee, cool huh?

I am surprised to realize that I really have nothing to criticize about. It’s like entering a totally new colorful world (think Alice in the Wonderland with more glamorous costume and Monaco as the Wonderland), I can’t just say I hate that or I like it. I need time to think about the collection, but in the end I am still confused. This collection is different and great and very very… easy to take in (that’s why I am confused. Designers always have deep meanings for their designs even though we can only realize it during press conference and interviews). Well, I guess it’s okay to lay back and just do whatever you want with dresses and clothes. This is easy fashion, but still… beautifully decorated as usual.

Hands up for Dior and Raf Simons! No hands up for you Monaco because you were raining. Shame.

Taken from Style