Earth Rain

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-05-12 08:38:09 +00001

It’s a bit ridiculous to look at the sky and see limitless grey clouds and a bit waterdrops. Remind me again, this is spring right? Where is the sun and the blue sky that people always talk about. But it’s okay though, grey clouds mean fall/winter wardrobe is still good enough to wear on the street. No need to feel ashamed because you can’t rock a cropped top or leather pants because you have one ultimate reason: the weather.

Even though grey clouds is the perfect reason to ditch cropped top, it is not the reason to be lazy and ditch the whole trends and just wear that same black pants and shirts to work and pretending to be Hillary Clinton or whoever female politicians with super conservative clothes you can come up with. Nah, we are not them and they’re not us. We love fashion in whatever season and I am sure we can find something fresh to wear during this rainy/spring season. Actually I have found them.

My quest for the perfect rainy season outfit began with Burberry. Oh, they make the best trench coat in the world and you will always feel proud to wear the trench coat, especially Brits. My attention fell for this super ultra chic blue satin trench coat and I definitely gonna wear it during every single season because it’s just… chic (sorry, run out of words). Well, next we have to have the right bottom and Peter Pilotto has one of the best printed skirt, which just fit perfectly with the trench.

It’s a little bit (okay, a lot) colorful and maybe not the best style for those who are afraid to wear colors, but this is the best I can come up with during these cloudy days. And for those girls who-are-not-into-colors… just wear those Hillary Clinton suits. You will be fine. Okay, I am lying, you are not really fine, but I will come up with new ideas and pray that the sky will turn out blue in no time.


Coat: Burberry; Skirt: Peter Pilotto; Wallet: Proenza Schouler; Sandal: Prada; Umbrella: Pasotti.