Cinnamon Roll

by gimmegoodstyle cinnamon roll

There is nothing worst than having a Monday morning breakfast. I usually feel defeated by time (it always win) and desperately looking for some reasons to stay home and ditch school. Sick is soo classic and I can’t think any better reason (okay, I am a sucker at lying). And looking at my horrible breakfast (fried rice or nuggets or fried rice WITH nuggets) is just another torture to start the day. Hah. Time to move on and do something with my Monday tradition before it becomes a permanent nightmare.

Let’s start with breakfast. There is nothing wrong with breads and sandwiches (or nothing at all for fashionista because we tend to save our carbs limit. Soo chic….), but I think it’s time to look for something sweeter. People say sugar helps you in the most difficult situation, right? I say sugar and cinnamon makes that situation become much better. And there is only one food (eh, maybe more but I don’t really have time to name them) that use sugar and cinnamon at the same time with generous amounts of them. You read my mind… cinnamon rolls!

To be honest, there is no bread stores that sell really good cinnamon rolls in Jakarta. We have either soft-but-not-too-sweet cinnamon rolls, which is a huge huge disappointment or too crunchy with extra sugar cinnamon rolls, which is too… burned. And I don’t think I can choose between the two of them. I always think that Westrens (and maybe Australians) know how to make a perfect cinnamon rolls because they simply invented it. Is that right? I have to steal the recipe!

Taken from What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today