by gimmegoodstyle

vintage car show las vegas

Las Vegas! Just by screaming it’s name makes me feel wild and sexy. Okay, maybe not really sexy, but still wild. I don’t know why, but I blame all those wildness to Hangover (part one). Anyway, what should you wear in Las Vegas? Okay, most of you must be like; I am going topless of course, this Vegas fellas yahooo…!!! Well, good luck with that. But I have to tell you that this Vegas not some random beaches where you can go all naked without having to deal with the police.

Let’s think about something sexy and a little bit slutty good yet still appropriate style. My choice for sexy -and slutty good- always fall for sleeveless tops, cropped tops to make it better, and shorts pants. But this is spring and everything looks really Disney right now (eh, flowery I mean), let’s change the shorts into something more feminine: maxi skirts. I know, very… usual, we are talking day-outfit, not night. You can wear all those glitters and gold dress at night in the casino and maybe you can really win some money along with some hunks (I have never win something from casino, but I have never win anything when it comes with tossing dices or coins anywhere).

More important is the way you act. Let’s get real, people have different attitude in different city. They’re like  very individual in New York, sweet and all country in Nashville,  a little bit cocky and narcism in Los Angeles (I-am-a-star-and-you-are-nobody kind of stuff), tired and really easy to get pissed in Jakarta (wait, that’s me because this is exam week. Arghhh….!!!). Face it, it’s important for us to know how to act and interact with different people and we can do it by understanding the city.

Based on my really amateur point of view and a lot of researches in Google. Vegas is a little bit wild and instant. There is no what-if situation in here, there is only ‘what the hell?’ and a lot of f word that I can’t speak (or type) (fine, fuck word). You have to play dirty and slutty to win. Time to practice the slutty stare (look at the picture, even though it’s the sweeter version of the stare, then look at the mirror) (I tried once and I laughed my ass off with my sister, your turn…).

Taken from The Sartorialist