Geek of the Day: Ethos in L.A.

by gimmegoodstyle


It’s quite funny to find something artsy in Los Angeles. Everything looks like Hollywood, palm trees and plastic baby dolls. No offense Los Angeles-ers (?). I never knew that there are a lot of street arts in Los Angeles before I found Ethos. But it doesn’t really matter wether L.A has enough street arts or not because I think one Ethos’s painting is enough for the whole town (or silicon valley. Haha!).

Just look at the size of his mural! It’s a bit sad though because even though bigger is better, but big means not for sale in street arts. Well, I guess I run out of luck this time. Not only the size, I also like the way Ethos describe something. His art is cartoony and dark and has a little (or no) humor. You can even call it a bit retrospective, if you are a sensitive person. One thing for sure is those half-god people have real art to stare now. Not only paparazzi and all those blitz lights…

Taken from Unurth