Honor, Interview Magazine

by gimmegoodstyle


There are some people called ninja and samurai years ago, but when people tell stories about how great they were, I though someone (mostly men) fierce and bearded, carrying huge sword (okay, katana. I used to be obsessed with these things) and… well, you know, like killing people and sneaking behind people and kill them as fast as they can (think Ninja Assassin).

But I never ever thought that the art of killing can be this elegant in the hands of Meghan Collison and photographer Fabien Baron with Karl Templer’s help as the stylist. The backgrounds are simple, but the gowns are just magnificently…couture. Forget about all those wearable stuffs, that’s not for ninja/samurai. Anyway, you can call me an old news because this editorial, called Honor, is supposed to be in Interview October/November 2012 issue. Well, classic is classic.

Taken from Fashiontography