Peter Pilotto For Summer!

by gimmegoodstyle

peter pilotto

I am exhausted. Seriously, this week was really rough. We had this super-final exams and our teachers seemed to be really good at giving us difficult questions that I am not sure a normal human being can answer. But they’re gone! Yes, you are right, I am in holiday season mode and I can’t wait to greet summer! Beach! Swimsuits! Tan! Over-sunny weather! Bali! Ah… I feel good already. I feel really sorry for those who are still struggling in their schools and offices and can only dream about summer. Ha, I am free people!

Anyway, I have to be honest that I feel a little bit awkward in my own blog because I hadn’t posted anything (well, anything serious or funny) since… a few days ago? And I feel really out-dated. One day you are in and the next day you are out…. never thought could be this bad. Screw you and your super cool panel judges at Project Runway Heidi Klum! Screw you!

Back to the summer, what is your plan? What are you going to wear? Maybe you will say: Oh, nothing. I will wear t-shirts and simple pants. Hm… there is nothing wrong with that, but where is the joy? That holiday spirit? Where is that infamous fashion spirit we always proud of? Think about it people.

Well, it is maybe too early to plan your perfect summer outfit, but mine will be this fabulous and classic (as classic as it can be) Peter Pilotto dress (with some killer heels) (maybe white heels) (yeah, we have already talked about it before). I know, I know, prints can be boring and most people don’t know how to wear it. But that’s not even considered a problem because in fact prints are for everyone. You just have to play it simple and cool. Plus, prints can’t be that boring compared to your… functional wardrobes. Am I making you feel bad about yourself? Sorry…

Okay, the Pilotto dress in my mind looks exactly like the picture above, but I am going to ask for brighter color and maybe… something more revealing. Eh, let’s say I am in the Summer Breakers mood.

What do you think?

Taken from Tuula Vintage heels