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The Dots Problem

2013-05-13 13:58:48 +00001

Here is the thing about fashion: it is always changing soo fast, it will make your heart ache (think about all those last year clothes in your messy closet) and your brain confused (buying three to four magazines which are telling different trends and different designers) (that’s me). Just like this polkadot trend. I just begin to love it when my friend told me that polkadot is way too old. Maybe she is right. This is a two-years (or a year?) ago trend and people will be ashamed to be caught wearing polkadot. Euh, soo.. last season! Maybe they’re right. Maybe this is the universal way to say that you are old and left-behind. I feel… pathetic… and dramatic at the same time.

But I still lo-ve… this trend! I can pretend that i am liking a vintage trend, it is cheating but I am also considering what’s left from my dignity. Okay, polkadot. It’s vintage, people! It’s cool! And you don’t have to try really hard to make this trend (or pattern because polkadot is NOT a trend anymore) (read the forst paragraph) works on your body.

All you need to do is put on one polkadot item or maybe jumpsuit or dress like in the collage (it’s Karl Lagerfeld and don’t ask the price! I am sure you can find something cheaper in Zara or Forever 21) and mix it with something chic and netral. My choice falls for this super fierce Dsquared2 biker boots, which are just sick! Accessories aren’t really necessary because the dots can be considered the ‘accessorie’, but I couldn’t resist having the spiky necklace by Eastern Mystic-whatever-punk. Simple and feminine and punk at the same time, how can I say no?

What do you think? Is it too late to rock the polkadot trend?

Dress: Karl Lagerfeld; Boots: Dsquared2 biker boots; Bag: Saint Laurent; Necklace: Eastern Mystic

Do You Remember? Fashion And Kink

louis vuitton handcuffs

Westerners are really used to sexual references and not afraid to show them in public. Even with fashion. Well, it’s good to see fresh, new and wild ideas that we all know (and notice, but we just don’t want to admit freely), but on the other side sexual reference is like a public secret in Asia (and some other countries). We don’t talk about it and people should not ask or show it in public.

That’s why this trend looks so dangerous and tempting to play with. But let’s not give a shit and start with… handcuffs from Louis Vuitton. It’s silly to say that they’re not trendy anymore. Like it or not, sex is always trending and rough sex is always on the market. Hidden really well under those gleaming dresses and accessories, just dig deeper. But the only problem is… how can you wield that sexy handbags when your hands are tied?? I still haven’t found the answer yet.

Taken from Garance Dore

Louis-Vuitton-Kate-moss vuitton-10

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