STYLE Loves: Chanel Espadrilles

by gimmegoodstyle

chanel espadrilles

Even though I am not wearing and never going to try one, I have to say that high heels are just fabulous. They always look very slim, elegant, glamour and and and… you get the point. But sometimes our body is not on the same line with fashion trend. Yes, that’s means we need some time to rest and that’s totally fine!

We don’t have to be restless and crazy to become a fashionista. In fact, I feel most fashionable and creative when I am relaxed and just had a good long sleep (the problem is I am not a good long sleeper, but I am one of the best napper in the world). Same case with your feet and heels. I can’t say that there is something better than high heels, but I know something as chic as heels. Espadrilles.

Yes…. just like usual, you will sue me and tell people that I am a walking fashion madness (probably true) (I am more like a fashion instantness. T-shirt and pants and I am ready to go!). I agree that sometimes espadrilles looks floppy (is this the correct word? I feel like Snoopy trying to figure out which is the right word) and clumsy and not really smart for short (ah, not as tall as…) people, not to mention that it looks too functional sometimes. But at the same time it also one of the best items you can get for summer (it is impossible to walk with heels on the beach. Nature vs fashion), it doesn’t hurt and Chanel even make…well, Chanel espadrilles and people are all over it.

Imagine walking on the beach with sunset, cool breeze, street musicians (wait… street musicians? Whatever) and your boyfriend. Relaxed and fashionable. And involve no heels or bleeding feet. Perfect.

Taken from Tumblr