Geek of the Day: Robin and Taliesin Coombes

by gimmegoodstyle


What are you thinking when I say ‘train’. I always think about Harry Potter and his first trip to Hogwarts in that red, classic, old train. Yeah yeah, such a kid. And geek. But that’s the only near-reality experience that I have with train, except reading an illustration book about things with train in it is also considered an experience. In short, I have never had a real train experience.

You know, not a quick trip from Tokyo to Osaka with Shinkansen (which is really quick, Japan is truly awesome!) (and expensive), but a long, nice trip. The one with romantic views and old cabins and first class foods served in dramatic carriage. And the whole journey will end in vintage train station in a big old city somewhere in the Europe (read The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and you will understand my feeling). Classy. Sadly, the world is spinning really fast and before you even notice, you are already giving up train tickets and trade them with airplane tickets with cheap bonus points from some companies which give you a free trip to Thailand (happened). Where is that old, vintage feeling?!

If you do feel the same way about train and vintage transportations, you better check this photographers’ works. Capturing the movements and trains’ rails, these father-son photographers’ works are just inspiring. Robin and Taliesin Coombes managed to find different unique angle and took one or two shots (well, maybe more than that) of railways and trains, then transformed them into nostalgic (and quite dramatic) photographs.

Maybe I can buy their work and hang it in my bathroom. My ‘poo-poo’ time will feel much more adventurous.

Just kidding.

Taken from My Modern Met