Porches and Terraces

by gimmegoodstyle

prches and patio freshome.com

I have to say that I don’t know a lot of people who have terraces or porches in their homes because that thing can cost arms and legs in Jakarta. Even though they have one, they will leave it alone like an abandoned child in their homes, gathering dust and ultimately become a secondary storeroom (or store-space. Whatever). Such a waste! But when I told my friend what I think about the terraces, they said that it is really hard to make a good terrace that doesn’t a) gather dust and b) lead into ghoulish view of Jakarta’s infamous dirty river (and pollution) (and some old… punks, if they can still be considered punks) (and those smelly plastic trashes).

They’re right. But they’re wrong too at the same time! I did some googling and found these wonderful terraces (and porches) that won’t be gathering dust because you will find them really beautiful and you will want to spend the rest of your lives in there. All you have to do are plant a few big trees, add some small patch of flowers, a little bit big fans and lots lots lots of gardeners.

And… you can thank me later (at your new garden party!).

Taken from Fresh Home