STYLE Loves: The iPhone Case (Again!)

by gimmegoodstyle

iphonecase streetfsn

New iPhone means new case and I can’t believe my eyes when I see these super beautiful casings. As you already know, I am a pathetic tech freaks who really want to have an iPhone, but always end up buying things like Samsung or even Nokia (!). I am not taking sides in this technology-war-between-apple-and-samsung, this is just a really reckless shopping case that we have to discuss next week (or this week) (or even next month, according to my mood).

Back to the casings. I love them because they’re just shiny and artsy and… fashionable, just like usual. Perfect accessories of the month! By the way, I can’t find the casing’s brand or label or anything that can be considered an information for you. Do you know something (anything!) about this beautiful piece of art? If you do, please give me a comment or two!

Taken from StreetFSN