Unearthen Jewelries

by gimmegoodstyle


As you already know from the start (maybe not from the start, but whatever), I always consider jewelries as an important part of fashion. It’s not just for showing off your wealth or your boyfriend’s wealth (ah…my wedding ring? It’s from my fiancee! He is doctor/lawyer/banker). Jewelry can make you feel in control and sophisticated. It’s like using their shines as protection against all those intimidating world of men. Believe me, wearing jewelries like diamonds or pearls to work is a must. It simply a symbol of your status and a little sign to all those douchebags that it takes more than roses (and nice smile) to date you. No wonder it is called a girl’s best friend. Well, that should be for diamonds, but I think all jewelries are ‘a girl’s best friend’.

But if you dig deeper and want to read all those semi-spiritual/semi-geological/semi-fictional books, you will find out that there are some gems used as protection against bad things. And by bad things I mean evil spirits (disease, not vampires!) and definitely not for douchebag only. I heard about them before and have to say that they posses quite a unique characteristic, if you believe in those stuffs. The problem is I am sure you don’t want people find out the reason why you are wearing ruby, even though it’s out of trend. And why you always rub your amethyst before going to work. And all those mystical stones look really rough and expensive. Not worth the money!

Don’t worry. I just found out this beautiful jewelry designer/store called Unearthen and they sell one of the best mystical/spiritual stones I have ever seen. Well, actually it’s not about the stone, it’s more about the design. I like their simple yet stylish designs (with that titanium plate!). A little bit hippie-like, but what can you expect from ‘mystical stones’. Here, I give you a little look from their catalogue from their SS 2009 collection (don’t worry it’s the newest in their website, but you can check it for yourself later, if you want).

Even with all those mystical powers….I still prefer diamonds. Elegant power is topping other powers.

Taken from Unearthen

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