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GQ America June 2013

james france

James Franco sure likes to tease people. And the Great Magician of Oz is teasing us once again with his hunky body in an editorial from American GQ June 2013 Issue. Photographed by Terry Richardson, who is a little bit… more of a sensual photographer, James successfully posed with human bones and, well, himself. Anyway, I find that supposed-to-be-funny expression is a little bit…pervert (no need to explain what he is doing with that skeleton) (freaky sexy is the word). Maybe that’s why women all over the world love him soo much. Or maybe that’s just one of his tricks. Well, bring your ass back to Oz, Franco!

Taken from Design Scene

Flower Crown

flower crown

Maybe this sounds a little bit Disney-y, but I still love this accessorie. And it’s quite cheap and you can make it on your own. Okay okay, stop blabbering, I will tell you what this lovely item is… it’s flower crown! Yeaaaaa… I know I know, it’s very childish and no one above 5 years old wear that kind of thing on top of their heads. But you are wrong! Flower crowns are always trending and every girl loves flower! Wether they are trying to be tomboy or sophisticated, when a man walk with her and buy her a flower or (even better) a bucket of red roses, she will definitely fall for the trick.

I feel there is nothing wrong by wearing a flower crown. It’s a perfect item for summer and even though you can’t keep it in your drawer for a very long time (we are talking a fresh flower crown, not that plastic-dusty-cheap thing people sell on the street in Old City Area in Jakarta), you can always make one by yourself. Just buy a bunch of fresh flowers with pretty fully blossomed petals, cut the thorns along with those leaves (wait, not all of them, just a little bit here and there fashionably) and try to tie them with ribbons or branches or whatever you feel good (and working) (okay, I don’t know if these steps are true, I am not the best DIY maker in the world).

And…for the supporting outfits! You can wear something colorful and playful because I consider this item as ‘summer’ related. and you can practically wear anything in summer (except coats or ‘winter-related’ clothes) because you will just strip them down and head right to the beach. Am I right? You know that I am always right in these matters (summer cockiness!).

Aaaaa….beach! Ice cream! Summer bag! Summer flats! Summer glasses! Summer (-read- flower) crown!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!!

Taken from Fashion Toast

Do You Remember? Louis Vuitton Fall 2012

louis vuitton fall 2012 dazeddigital

Fall 2012 is a special season for me because it’s the very first season when I start reviewing fashion shows! And let me tell you, my reviews were horrible. No need to be sorry though because it is also the first time I realized how enchanting fashion world is (with all it’s scandals, crazy/creative people, and drama-o-rama things) and understand why people really want to attend fashion shows (not because of freebies! Because of the beauty of the clothes and…well, freebies). And… about my reviews… Well, I am trying my best. So far.

Anyway, if you ask me what is my favorite show during Fall 2012, I will definitely say Louis Vuitton. Yessss… with all those vintage hats and fishnets as headpiece (what do they call it in England?), the train, the porters, the bags. It’s like traveling with class (one thing I have never been able to do) (or to copy).

Taken from Dazed Digital

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