Do You Remember? Louis Vuitton Fall 2012

by gimmegoodstyle

louis vuitton fall 2012 dazeddigital

Fall 2012 is a special season for me because it’s the very first season when I start reviewing fashion shows! And let me tell you, my reviews were horrible. No need to be sorry though because it is also the first time I realized how enchanting fashion world is (with all it’s scandals, crazy/creative people, and drama-o-rama things) and understand why people really want to attend fashion shows (not because of freebies! Because of the beauty of the clothes and…well, freebies). And… about my reviews… Well, I am trying my best. So far.

Anyway, if you ask me what is my favorite show during Fall 2012, I will definitely say Louis Vuitton. Yessss… with all those vintage hats and fishnets as headpiece (what do they call it in England?), the train, the porters, the bags. It’s like traveling with class (one thing I have never been able to do) (or to copy).

Taken from Dazed Digital