by gimmegoodstyle


I am hungry!! Nope, I am starving!

Let’s go to London and grab a bite there. But I don’t want to eat scone or usual British foods (I know quite confusing, right? Visiting England, but don’t want to eat it’s food) (that’s me!). I have one specific restaurant in my head though, Dishoom. I heard ( it from Park and Cube, one of bloggers who don’t afraid to eat and not always talking about skinny people in skinny clothes. According to her, this Dishoom restaurant served Iranian foods, which is great because I have never tasted anything Iran before or even heard about it’s foods because people are busily talking about war war war. And oil sometimes.

What do you think Brits? Have you ever tried this restaurant? Is it good?

P.S: I have to start reviewing restaurant on my own! I know I know, I am working on it. But my back is killing me. Argh….

Taken from Park and Cube