Last Spring Outfit

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-05-13 14:34:05 +00001

Before the sunny weather hits, let’s play with sweater just one more time. I think sweater is my favorite item. It can be slim and big and warm all at the same time (and when you found the right sweater, it will hide your sexy…tummy). Okay, let’s choose lighter sweater because it’s the end of spring (it’s not spring anymore, but who cares?). I vote for Preen top (it’s silk!) (okay, and wool) and Christian Dior skirt. They have different patterns and you might think twice about wearing them at the same time. My only advice: rock those outfits and never look back (or up because you will see a lot of doubting stares) (oh, community! It can be rough sometimes).

And one more thing is that Lesco bag! I found it sitting (nope, more like…virtually sitting) on that magical column in website called Polyvore. I am sold. This beautiful piece of art is vintage and classic and very romantic-comedy-movie-accessorie. This is getting confusing. In short, I like vintage crocodile (alligator, whatever) skin handbag. Okay… time to go back to reality and talk about wavy summer dress, less jackets and more skin. Tanned skin.

Top: Preen; Skirt: Christian Dior; Fragrance: Marc Jacobs Daisy; Bag: Lesco; Shoes: Jimmy Choo.