Geek of the Day: Jon Smith

by gimmegoodstyle


I used to think photographer is an easy job even though I know that hey have to fight for lightning and carry gigantic cameras with ugly bags. Plus, sometimes they have to shoot with difficult angle which requires high ability in parkour. Okay…I know those things. But, seriously, how hard it is to find a good lighting, objects, blurry background and shoot? It looks easy. Effortless and only dummies have trouble with them.

Well, karma just found me (again) and taught me how hard it is to be a good photographer…hell, even being a regular photographer is hard. I just bought a new camera (hip hip hooray), it’s a DSLR (clapping hands) and it’s quite new in Canon series (standing ovation) and it is very very cheap! Ha, it was a real joy…. until I tried to shoot on the streets (and hoped that my first photo would appear in National Geographic whatsoever). God! Finding object interesting enough to shoot is just a hellish job. Everything and everyone looks boring and moves really fast. And when you managed to find the right object, they always move too fast and you forget to turn on the flash/focus/exposure/shutter speed. FRUSTRATED.

So…I begin my quest to find my shooting style and I might have found something useful these past few days. But I am not sure. Anyway, in the middle of this quest I found this man called Jon Smith. I think he is a genius. He managed to capture fast movements of objects falling to pieces and he also able to make them look colorful and artistic. It is really hard to shoot moving objects (I know it and it is FUCKING FRUSTRATING!!!) on the street like cars or motorcycles, but this photos are truly in different level.

This is the power of pro-photographer with solid vision of art and a lot of technical knowledge about cameras (and all those speed/aperture/exposure/contrast/anything you can come up with).

I feel dumb. Oh shoot! I got sucker-punched by my own words (read paragraph one)! How ironic….

Taken from Fubiz